Quick, simple JSLint and JSHint in TextMate. Hurt your feelings in style.

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What’s this?

Download JSLintMate 1.4

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JSLintMate is a quick and easy way to check your code with JSLint (Douglas Crockford’s powerful JS code quality tool) or JSHint (a community-driven version of JSLint that’s more tolerant of common JS patterns).

No more copy-pasting your JS into a browser to check it. JSLintMate runs within TextMate while you code, and works offline.

JSLintMate is designed for TextMate 1.x and TextMate 2.


Download JSLintMate.tmbundle and double-click it. TextMate installs it automatically—that’s all.

TextMate 2 users: If you’re running TextMate 1.x and TextMate 2 side-by-side, check the docs for more setup notes.


JSLintMate has two modes:

Quick mode

Command-S automatically checks your JS (with either JSLint or JSHint), and reports problems with a tooltip.

Screenshot of a JSLintMate tooltip

Full mode

Hit control-L to check your code with JSLint, or control-shift-L to use JSHint. (These shortcuts are customizable, of course.)

A list of problems appears, if any. Click to jump to that line, or navigate with the arrow keys + return.


Have some favorite JSLint/JSHint options, like finding unused variables and ignoring whitespace? Drop them into an options file, either in your repository or on your own computer. This is great for:

You can start with the example options files, available in both JSON and YAML. More info is in the docs.

Custom JSLint/JSHint builds

JSLintMate is packaged with copies of JSLint and JSHint, but you can use your own copies instead. This is useful for testing an edge build or using your own modified version. More info is in the docs.


rondevera @ github / ronalddevera @ twitter / jslintmate @ github issues

Patches are welcome. Use JSLintMate for good, not evil.